Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Day

Hi there!! Jack here. Mom had really wanted to take me to Dog Dayz in Nashville today, .//////////////////////////////// (See that? That was caused by my blogger hogger brother, Indiana!! He stepped on the keyboard!)but she had to work. She and Dad figured out a very nice compromise. Dad drove Mom into work today. This afternoon, he took me with him to go and get her. Then, I got a little worried, because we just kept driving across town! I had no idea where we were going! Turns out we were going to Bark Park. There is a huge area for little dogs and a separate area for big dogs. There were no other littles there but me. There were several big dogs, and I enjoyed making friends and visiting with them. I ran and played with Mom and Dad. I love Bark Park, and I hope we go again soon!

After we left Bark Park, I got suprised again with a trip to PetSmart. I got to visit and smell everything there! Then, I got a teenie greenie as a treat. I was so tired that I slept all the way home! I had a great day!!

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