Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me and the Horses

Yesterday, the weather was nice so Moms took me for a nice, long walk. We walked all over the neighborhood so I could check the peemail. After a little while, Moms took me over to the park that is across the big road full of hooman carts. It's a nice park, with LOTS of peemail there! On the back side of the park, there's a BIG pasture. It had several of the biggest dogs that I've EVER SEEN!!! They were even bigger than my sister Fergie! Moms told me those weren't dogs. She said that they were horses. I just had to stop and stare at them for a good while.




Then when I got brave enough (still not really sure about those big dogs), I decided to have a talk with the one that came up to the fence. Moms got some video of our little talk.

I had a GREAT time on my walk yesterday. I hope it doesn't rain this afternoon. I'm ready to go have a talk with those big dogs again!

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