Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's the Weekend!!

Mom hasn't been feeling so good the past several days. She has had something wrong with her ears, so she stumbles around a lot. She's been home, since Wednesday. We're very sorry that she's sick, but we've enjoyed having her home with us. We've gotten in LOTS of snuggle time. She even felt well enough yesterday to make some new pictures of me. I just love to look out the window!

Here I am dreaming of all the mischief that I could get into outside.


That's my new Halloween shirt. Mom wanted me to try it on. She's saving the big reveal for later.

Tomorrow is the Blessing of the Animals at the Episcopal Church. Mom's planning on going and taking one of us with her. Every year, she takes someone different. Since I have 7 brothers and sisters, we all have to wait our turn. I'm sure she'll post pictures of the event tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a WAG-TASTIC weekend!!

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