Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are skipping this week's Wordless Wednesday to enter Dory's contest called:

Dory's Smiley-Fest


We think this is a FANTASTIC idea for a contest, and have begged Mom to help us find pictures to enter. Here's what we've come up with so far:

These next few are of me and my brother Shingo, doing some of our best smiles. We were smiling, because we were SO happy that Mom got us new spring polos to wear on our walkies!!

This is my big smile, modeling my very own polo.

Here's my brother Shingo, enjoying his new polo.

Here's both of us together.

Here's my sister, Molly, smiling it up, because she thinks she's a princess in her new princess dress.

And lastly, here's my new brother, Jack. He's smiling a big 'ol smile, because he'd just won 5th place in the Rescued Dog class at the Celebration Pet Day Pet Show!


Thanks Dory, for having such a fabulous contest!!!

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