Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blessing of the Animals


Hey there folks! Jack here. Since I'm one of the newest members of the family, Mom and Dad decided to take me to the Blessing of the Animals. This is one of their favorite services of the year. Every year, they choose one of my brothers and sisters to attend with them. It was my turn this year. I met SO many new animal friends today. The service was a little shorter than usual, because it was raining. It's usually held in a great, little courtyard. I just loved the words that Pastor Whalen spoke as well:

Most high, almighty Lord, our Creator, yours are the
praise, the glory, the honour and all blessings! To
you alone do all things belong. Be praised for giving
us the animals, birds and fish which fill your world.
May we think of you and thank you when we play with and
care for our pets. Be praised for making us so happy
to have our pets and to have them to play with. We ask
you, Lord, that we may be good to our pets always, so
that they may be happy also. Help us always to take
care of them so that they will be healthy. O God, your
world is wonderful. May we all come into your even
greater world of the kingdom of heaven where we shall
see even more wonderful things and where we shall live
and love for ever. This we ask to your eternal praise,
and to our blessing. Amen.

Mom and Dad meant to take pictures of my blessing, but after they got there they realized they had forgotten the memory card. Oh well, there was a nice lady making all of our pictures. Hopefully, I can get a copy of it.

To all of my animal friends out there, I wish you a very happy Feast of St. Francis Day!

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