Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Introductions

As you guys know, we have a LARGE family. Moms and Dad are believers in animal adoption and choose to give LOTS of animals a forever home. So, I thought I'd introduce you to my doggie brothers and sisters. I'll concentrate on the kitties tomorrow. So here goes:

This is my sister Shiloh. Shiloh is 10 years old. She's been with Moms and Dad for 7 years. They adopted her from our local shelter. Shiloh is a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix.


Next is my sister Fergie. Fergie is 7 years old. She's been with Moms and Dad for 4 years. She was adopted from the same shelter. She is a Red Heeler/Shepherd mix.


This is my sister, Trixie. For years, Moms and Dad referred to her as the "spare dog". She was a neighbor's dog, that for some reason, decided one day that she wanted to stay at our house. Her pawrents didn't care and let her stay with us. About a year ago, they moved off, and Trixie was left behind. So, she's a full fledged member of the family now. Trixie is probably around 11 years old. She's a Pomeranian mix.


We also have a new sister, Daisy. Moms and Dad refer to Daisy as the "Grumpy Old Lady Dog". Daisy is nearly 13, and she likes to grumble about things. She originally came as a foster, but Moms and Dad decided to let her live the rest of her life with us. Daisy is a Rat Terrier.


Of course, you guys know Jack. Jack came with Daisy to live at our house. He was originally just supposed to be a foster too, but he and Dad REALLY like each other, so he got to stay and live with us. Jack is 9 years old, and he is a Rat Terrier too.


Here's a group picture of us. This was made, before Jack and Daisy came to live with us.


Left to Right:
Molly, Shiloh, Fergie, Shingo, Indiana, and Moms.

Trixie was outside running around.

So that's all of our doggie brothers and sisters. Tomorrow we'll start on our kitty brothers and sisters. WHEW!! Moms and Dad sure are busy!


  1. I'll say your Moms and Dad are busy, lol!! What a lovely fur family you have there! If we had more room, I would definitely be adding to our family like your's!!

  2. WOW what a large family. Its kinda like the Brady Bunch! That is totally pawsome that your mom and dad help shelter doggies. You all look well loved and happy.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  3. What a lovely family, you are all gorgeous but we think Daisy might be our favourite as we love old lady dogs. Mum would have liked to adopt a chihuahua but here in England rescue chis are available about every 6 years and there are about a million people on the waiting list for it. We got our cat brother Dylan Thomas from the RSPCA shelter though and he was adorable. All animals deserve a good home, your parents are wonderful for adopting you all.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah, Bridget and Elliot xx

  4. Sure is pawesome to have lots of brothers and sisters!
    Your Mom and Dad are the best!
    Kisses and hugs