Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bark It Furward: A Grrreat Way to Help!!

Harrooo, efurone!!! As we approach New Year's Eve, we wanted to share a great program with you all!! We furst heard about this program from our good buddy, Khyra. She pawed the information to us, and now we'd like to "Bark It Furward" to you!

The Bark It Furward program is a partnership between Milkbone and Canine Assistants. Through bloggers, they are spreading the word about the wonderful things that the Canine Assistants programs are doing. Check out this video!

Through partnering with Milkbone, Canine Assistants have developed a truly, remarkable program. They provide assistance dogs to recipients at no cost. That includes vet care and even dog food!! How WONDERFUL is that?

Here is how we ALL can help!

All you need to do is post about the work that Canine Assistants is doing to provide assistance dogs to children and adults with special needs. For every comment you receive on your blog, Milk-Bone® will donate $1 to Canine Assistants! The blogger with the most comments will be given the opportunity to interview Jennifer Arnold, The New York Times best-selling author and founder of Canine Assistants. The winning blogger will be able to speak to Jennifer about her book, her role in the PBS documentary, “Through a Dog’s Eyes,” the organization, how it was started, her training methods, the matching process, and, of course, the puppies!

So, we are asking you all for help!! We are asking for all of our furiends to PLEASE comment on this post!! We need all the comments that we can get!! All of your comments will generate funds to help this wonderful cause!! Let's kick off the New Year by Barking It Furward!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Doggy Dream Christmas!!!

I just have to tell everybuddy that this was the best Christmas EVER!!! We were so furry lucky this year!! We had our big box from Jazzi's Gift Exchange. The big box from Auntie Jan and Cagney from the board, and LOTS of gifts from Santa Paws!! Our uncles, even made us a Christmas cake!! Auntie Moon had a big 'ol box of gifts from Jazzi's Exchange from G-Dog too! We sure do hope your Christmas has been as PAWSOME as ours!! Here's some pictures of our day!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Efurone!! We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!! We hope that you all got efurthing you wanted from Santa Paws!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Tradition: The Night the Animals Talked

This is one of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions, and we just had to share it again with all of our furiends!!

Since this is Christmas Eve, we would like to share a very special story with you.

The Night The Animals Talked

In the frosty mountains and on the snowy fields of Norway, there is a legend that draws children to all kinds to stables and stalls throughout the country on each Christmas Eve night. They are hoping to hear a miracle. They are waiting to hear the animals talk.

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. This was no abandoned place, but was a working stable, filled with animals of all kinds. Into these humble surroundings, encircled by the innocent creatures of God, the Savior of man came into the world.

Now according to legend, at least, Christ's birth occurred at exactly midnight. Inside the stable, the animals watched in wonder as the new-born babe was lovingly wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. Suddenly, God gave voice to the animals and immediately they began to praise God for the miracle they had just seen. This went on for several minutes and, just before the entrance of the shepherds -- who had hurried to the stable because angels had told them the Christ had been born there -- the animals again fell silent. The only humans who had heard them were Mary, Joseph and, of course, the Christ child.

The legend of the talking animals persists to this day in Scandinavia. And every Christmas Eve, wide-eyed children creep into stables just before midnight to hear the animals praise God for the wondrous birth of His Son. Of course, adults scoff at this. "Old wives tales," they grump. "Those children should be home in bed, not out in the cold waiting for the family cow to preach a sermon."

But the children know -- or at least believe -- that animals really do praise God at midnight every Christmas Eve. And who of us -- those who believe in an all-powerful God -- can say that it really doesn't happen?

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26 NIV)

Christmas Eve

It's almost here!!! We can't wait until tomorrow, so we can open that BIG box of pressies that the Amazing Animal Lovers sent us in Jazzi's Gift Exchange!! Moms says that we've been good, so Santa Paws should be leaving us some pressies tonight too!! Oh by the way, we are supposed to have a white Christmas this year!! Moms says it will be the first white Christmas in 17 years!! We are tooooooo EXCITED!!!

While we pass the time, why don't we all sing a Christmas Carol!! I'll lead!! Efurone ready?

I've got my special Christmas attire on just for the occassion!!

All together now!!!



Hey!! No comments from the peanut gallery!!! Shut up, Shingo!!!

No buddy appreciates talent around here!!!


Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 19

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Samantha and Avalon. Samantha is a Golden Retriever and has the most beeyootiful golden furs!! She goes on lots of furry fun outdoor adventures! Samantha recently got a new sister named Avalon. Avalon is also a Golden with lots of beeyootiful furs too! Samantha and Avalon live in California with their pawrents. Drop by their place and wish them "Merry Christmas"!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 18

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are our buddies from Tales and Tails. Bunny, Blueberry, Lilac, and Morgan are such pawsome furiends! Bunny, Blueberry, and Lilac are all Greyhounds. Morgan is a furry pretty German Shepherd. Bunny does a lot of visits to the nursing home too!

Recently, Blueberry, had some surgery to fight against the mean 'ol cancer man. All of our paws are crossed for her. All of her furiends got together and held an auction to help her with her surgery. Dad bought Moms some really cool Christmas gifts there too!

If you don't know the bunch from Tales and Tails drop by, and tell them we sent you!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pressie Surprise!!

Our mailman stopped with a great, big 'ol box for Moms!!! It was a Secret Santa box from the Rat Terrier board,, where she's a member. It was a really cool "where you live" t-shirt swap. She got a REALLY super cool Zoo Conservation t-shirt!

Moms' Secret Santa turned out to be Auntie Jan and Cagney!! The both live in North Carolina.

Our big surprise was Auntie Jan filled Moms' box with toys for us!!! Moms would have made us wait until Christmas, but she didn't know that the toys were in there!! We had them snatched up, before she could tell us no!! BOL!! Here are some shots of the fun that we had with our new loot!!







Thank you Auntie Jan and Cagney for our great pressies!!


Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 17

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Mayzie and Ranger. Mayzie is a beeyootiful brindle rescue!! She has come such a long way, since she went home with her pawrents! She is just the nicest furiend to efurone! She is a BIG advocate of animal rescue too! Mayzie lives with her pawrents and her brudder Ranger, who is a rescued Rat Terrier from Ratbone Rescues!! If you don't know Mayzie and Ranger, stop by and say "hello"!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 16

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend today is Lilly. Lilly is such a beautiful Scottie girl, and she lives with her pawrents and siblings on the Rocky Creek Scotties farm! Their Moms loves puppies and raises some of the cutest Scottie puppies around. Drop by and pay them a visit!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Paws of Prayer for Lorenza


As most of you have heard our friend, Lorenza is not well. Everyone please include Lorenza in your Paws of Prayer, that she is all better and back with us soon!!


Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 15

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Booker and Asa. Booker is a most delightful labradude (as Mango would say), and Asa is his most beautiful sister. Some of Booker's favorite activities are chasing balls, bones, and playing bitey face. Booker and Asa live in South Carolina with their Moms. If you don't know them, we really think you should!! Go on over and say, "hello"!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pet Blogger Giveaway

Hey there efurone!! We got a notice from the nice folks over at Pet Food Talk about a really cool giftcard giveaway that they are holding this weekend. They have a really cool blog, where readers give reviews for different brands of pet food. They also monitor the FDA alerts for recalls, etc.

Here are the details directly from them.


We will be holding a drawing on our dog blog this weekend. All Dog/Pet related blogs that link to us will be entered into a drawing for either a $75,$50, or $25 dollar gift card. The winner will be able to chose from a PetCo, Petsmart or a Visa Gift Card. As long as 5 blogs are entered we will be holding the contest this Saturday and the Gift Cards will be sent out on Sunday if we the address.

All you have to do is link to our Dog Food Blog at:

As soon as you do simply respond and we will put your blog in the drawing.

Here is their e-mail address to enter:

Good luck efurone!!

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 14

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Puddles!! What can we say about Puddles, except that she is Puddles...oh yeah...and a Dachshund!! She rules the dog blogosphere with a beer or a big 'ol pitcher of Kool-Aid!! You never can tell what shenanigans that girl is going to get into!! Anybuddy remember her antics at the Luau Pawty last July??? Lately, she has been helping Frankie with dog blog eatakit.

Puddles lives with her siblings Albert and Whitney, and with her Moms in South Carolina. Here is Miss Puddles enjoying the serenity of the holiday!




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 13

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Ludo Lovegrove! Ludo is a furry handsome Sheltie! He knows all kinds of really neato tricks too! Ludo lives with his Moms, two rabbit siblings, and his spaniel Auntie Penny. They all live in the UK. Ludo's Moms is furry talented. She makes teen tiny pet sculptures for folks. She made this sculpture of Indiana for us.


Be sure to check out his Moms' crafting blog, Time Tamed.



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 12

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Draco!! Draco is such a cutie patootie Chihuahua furiend of ours. He too, was one of our furry first blogging furiends. Draco is a furry social guy. He always gets to go to the best meet ups and pawties!! Check out his blog for pictures of all the events! Draco lives in Denver, Colorado with his pawrents. Drop by and say "hello" to him!



Monday, December 13, 2010

The SNOWS!!! We Haz It!!

Arrroooo efurbodyies!! Just wanted to jump on here and let you all know that our wish has come true!! We got snow all day yesterday and all last night!! We got so much that Moms stayed home, instead of making her 30 miled commute to work!! SCORE!!! Unfortunately, we won't be able to go out and play in it much, since Moms still has a cold and the wind chill is right at 0!!! Moms has been making pictures and some video of our Christmas lights in the snow. We should get those posted later today. In the meantime, here's some snow video of us from last winter!

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 11

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are the OP Pack! Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara are such a beautiful bunch of Sibes aren't they? They are some furry good furiends of ours. They have a furry good bloggie too. They must have their typist (MOMS) trained really well. If you haven't met them yet, please go on over and say "hello"! You'll be so glad that you did!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 10

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Ronni. Ronni is Richie's sister. As you can see, Ronni just got a great big 'ol snow!! She's nearly buried up to her little booty in the snow!!! Hope you don't get too cold Ronni!! Merry Crimbo to you too!! Efurone head on over and say "hello"!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 9

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Sarge. Sarge is relatively new in the blogging world. We were all first introduced to him over at Frankie's place. Isn't he handsome? We know that Zona, his best girl, certainly thinks so!! One of Sarge's biggest dreams is to be a police dog. He lives in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.


Our Apologies!

We left somebuddy furry impawtant off of the Holiday Card Exchange list. Our Moms just somehow overlooked it. We're taking it out of her pay, by the way. Anyway, if you all could please add this name and address to your lists, we would greatly appreciate it. Also even if you've sent your cards already, could you please send one more? Beclaws, we certainly didn't want to leave anyone out. Here it is:

Randi the Lab/Newf & Quincy the Newf

I will be sending efurone an e-mail with the snail mail addy. Thanks so much efurone for you help!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 8

Today's Christmas/Holiday furiends are Duncan and Reyna. Their Moms, has a lovely blog about raising them and 6 other brothers and sisters!! Duncan and Reyna live in North Carolina with their Moms, Janine. Aren't they beautimous?!!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 7

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Chewy and Lilibell. Chewy and Lilibell are some of the first furiends we made here in blogville. They are two of the sweetest Chihuahuas that you'd ever want to meet. They lead a furry exciting life in the big city of Providence, Rhode Island. Lilibell even has her own clothing line!! Chewy and Lilibell live with the Moms, Nadine.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Following Blogs!

Lately, we've been having LOTS of trouble following new furiends' blogs. We push the "follow" button and sign in, and NOTHING ever happens. We enter and re-enter our password and everything...and NOTHING!! Moms can't figure it out either. Anyone out there know what's going on?

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 6

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Those Elgin Pugs! Please meet IzZy, Josie, Trixie, and Anakin Man! These are four of the most hilarious, hysterical Pugs you will ever meet! They are always so cheerful and entertaining! If you've never met them, you simply MUST get over to their place and introduce yourself! You'll be so glad you did! Those Elgin Pugs live in Elgin, Illinois with their pawrents. BTW, their Moms writes books...about Pug dogs!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 5

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiends are Shiloh and Shasta. They have a most wonderful bloggie called Team Beaglebratz. They have a whole lotta Beagl-y goodness over at their place. Shiloh and Shasta live in Topeka, Kansas! Drop by and give them a visit!




Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 4

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Jazzi. Jazzi is blogland's resident Christmas elf! Every year, she is nice enough to organize a Christmas gift exchange for blogland!

She also is hosting Taco Day today!! Jazzi lives in Belividere, Illinois with her pawrents. Drop by her place and say "hello"!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 3

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is Wyatt. He is a beeyootiful Airedale Terrier. Most times, you can find Wyatt digging in the dirt working on his gardening. Wyatt lives in Oreegone with his pawrents and his sister, Stanzie.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas/Holiday Furiends: Day 2

Today's Christmas/Holiday Furiend is our good buddy, Frankie Furter! Frankie was one of the very first furiends we made here in blogville! He recently married his sweethearts, Ruby and Penny and was just recently elected as Mayor of Dog Blogville!! We still can't believe that we are furiends with somebuddy famous! As Mayor, Frankie champions many great things, like the Blog Eatakit with Puddles. He's always quick to lend a paw to help those in need too. Right now, he is helping organize an AUCTION to assist with vet bills for our furiend, Blueberry. Right now, Frankie is busy tolerating the 87 MILLION snowmen that his Moms has let invade the house! Frankie lives in Pennsylvane-ah with his pawrents.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Furiends: Day 1!

Harrooo efurone!! Moms told us that today is December 1st!! We are furry excited, because that means we get to start posting all of our Christmas/Holiday Furiends pictures!

Remember if you would like to pawticipate, please e-mail your pictures to fiestythree at gmail dot com. Use the subject line "Christmas/Holiday Furiends".

Today's Christmas Furiend is Bessie. Many of you already know Miss Bessie, because of her many appearances at our blog. Bessie is a Rat Terrier, and she lives in North Carolina with her pawrents, Karen and Bob. Oh, and she is a GREAT squirrel huntress!



Check back tomorrow for our next Christmas Furiend!