Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What WAS That?

Yesterday, we were just going on about our business, when we heard something in the front yard!! We all raced to the window to see what it was...




Looks like it is only Moms out there doing something in the yard!!!

Also, we were tagged for the photo game again by our furiend, Olive. This time the rules are a little bit different. It's to pick the 10th photo from your most RECENT album, or the last one, if you don't have 10. So, here's ours:

We invite any of our furiends to play along!!

Smaller Award Banner

For those of you that requested a smaller banner for the Fiesty Award. Moms scaled it back a bit. Here you go!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celebrate Earth Hour With Us!!

Moms and Dad are pawticipating in Earth Hour again this year. We've all helped, since 2008. Earth Hour is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. It's simple to pawticipate. You just need to get your two leggers to turn off the lights at 8:30 p.m. local time for an hour. That will really save the world a lot of energy!! There is a city in each state that is pawticipating too! Nashville, TN is our closest city. They are going to shine green lights on the skyscrappers downtown, before the lights go out!! KEWL!

To learn more visit:


Check this out:

We're Giving Our First Award!!

We've made SOOOO many friends through our bloggie! It has been so much fun meeting all of you and becoming good friends. We thought it was high time to make our first award and award it to some very special friends. So without any further adeiu, we proudly announce:

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We'd especially like to present it to:

Bentley & Lexus
Chewy & Lilibell
Dinah, Bridget, and Elliot
Frankie Furter and Ruby and Penny
Mollie Jo & Bobo
Sierra Rose
The Army of 4
The Thundering Herd
The OP Pack
Rocky Creek Scotties
Dr. Dre
Kira The Beawootiful

To anyone else who is "Fiesty" and would like this award, please feel free to take it, and display it proudly!! We love all of our friends!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday!

We've been tagged for a fun game by the Rocky Creek Scotties. Go to your 1st picture folder and post your 10th photo. Here's ours:


That's me after picking on Fergie. She had decided to have a word with me, Big Sister to little brother!! HEHEHE!

Now, we are supposed to tag 5 friends, so here goes:

Ginger,Chip, and Thai
Dr. Dre
CloudThe Thundering Herd

And...ooops that's more than 5 friends. Oh well, we love ALL of our friends. Efurbody feel free to play along!!

Also, we are pawticipating in Twinkie's GABE (Global Animal Blogging Event).

I think that Moms has decided to be an Active pawticipant and give away some prizes. We'll post the details later.

If you'd like to learn about GABE and pawticipate, visit Twinkie's GABE page.
This is going to be such fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd Annual Paws for the Cause

Moms and I had SUCH a grrreat time at the Paws for the Cause 5 kay and 1 mile walk. Since I had never run a 5 kay before, Moms decided to enter us into the walk. I trained long and hard to achieve my goal. It took LOTS of afternoon walkies. I had to focus! I couldn't let myself check pee-mail, say hello to friends, or run through the ditches. After several training walkies, Moms started training me to run along side her.

The morning of race day, Moms got me up and dressed me in my "Captain Awesome" t-shirt. We both ate a light breakfast and loaded up in the car. It wasn't a very long drive, and I'm glad. Long car rides give me the sickies. We all met at this place Moms called, "the square". There was a big builing there with a really nice lawn. Moms let the race people know that we were there. They gave her a bag and a t-shirt. I got treats!! SQUEEE! Moms thought that I needed to warm up, so we walked around the square and the big building there several times. We got back to the start and started to get ready to go. The race was running a few minutes late, so I got the time to meet several new friends.

This is Paco. He is a chi wa wa mix. I thought he looked a lot like Shingo.



There was a cute little doxie there too. She made me think of Molly.


There were LOTS of big dogs there too!



Nigel, are these some of your relatives?!



Then I met a REALLY BIG dog! Moms said his name was Bernard or something.



Bernard really liked us little fellas.


Next, I met a couple that were polly licking for the new mayor.




Tweedles?! Is that you? Maybe a relative then?



After visiting with friends, I was really ready to race. Here's me and Moms posing for our pre-race pics.


The race finally started, and I was SOOO uber excited!! Mom decided that I was doing well enough that we ran the entire mile!!! It was SOOOO much fun!!! I ran like the wind!!! Moms and I were some of the very first dog runners over the finish line too!!! How about that?!! My first race!! Here's my post race picture. I was REALLY thirsty afterwards.

I had so much fun and I did so well, that Moms and I are going to do it again next year. It was a very good cause too. All the money made on the race went to our new spay/neuter clinic. It was a pawsome way to spend the morning with Moms.

Pee Esss: Moms has a little video that she'll post of us crossing the start line later this week.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sorry for the long break efurbody. Moms and Dad had visitors over the long weekend. So, things are just now getting back to normal. The race went furry well!! I'll post the whole story tomorrow. Here's a teaser for today.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flower Friday

We're stealing this idea from Twix, but we can't help it. We're just so dogged excited to see spring come with the warmer temperatures. Things are just starting to bloom around our house, and there's lots of great places to send new pee-mail. WOOF!

These are some flower shots that Moms and Dad took on their last cruise to the Caribbean. We just loved the colors!

Impatients at the hotel in Miami.

Some kind of flowering plants in St. Thomas, VI

Flowering Tree on the island of St. Marteen.

Patio at the hotel, where Moms and Dad stayed in Ft. Lauderdale.

Now I have to tell you guys, I am SO excited for Moms and my kay race tomorrow morning. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and in the 70's. I'm planning to wear my "Captain Awesome" t-shirt to walk in. Dad is planning to make lots of pictures. We'll get them posted up as soon as we can! Efurbody have a grrrreat weekend!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soooo Behind!

We need to apologize to efurone for not being around lately. Moms' school was on this thing called Spring Break last week. That meant, she got a REALLY long weekend!! The weather was VERRRRY gloomy, so we just mostly were lazy at home. We watched a lot of movies and took LOTS of naps together. This is how we spent most of the long weekend.

Hopefully the weather will clear, and I can get lots of practice walkies in this week. I've got to get ready for my big day this Saturday! I have to do my part with Mom to help out the Spay/Neuter clinic!

We promise to get around to efurone's bloggies real soon. We've really got some catching up to do!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daily Recommended Dose

Yesterday, we were excited to read that Mollie Jo and Bobo had received a PAWSOME award from . Imagine our surprise, when we received an e-mail to let us know that we had also been chosen. That's right efurbody!! We are a recommeded site from We are SO excited!! We think it's just grrrreat! Dogster is such a cool site, and we have LOTS of friends there too! Here are our PAWSOME blog badges that we were awarded from Dogster.

Find more dog info here!

Find more dog training info here!

Congratulations to all of the other DWB members, who have also received this award!

We'd also like to thank sweet, sweet Tiffy for a GRRREAT award! Tiffy is Coco's new sister. She made her very first blog posts last week. Thank you Tiffy!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work To Do

Harrooo thar efurone!! I've had enough of sharing the bloggie space with the kitties this week. I have news that I want to share. Moms is actually going to let me race with her! She does these things called kays (I think they have something to do with the number 5) for some reason. Anyway, there's a race where I can go too! So on March 20th, I get to do a kay with her! WOOFS!! It's for a real good cause too! It's to raise money for our local spay/neuter clinic. Check out the flyer.

Moms says that she and I need to train for the next couple of weeks. So, that means lots of walkies to practice in the next week or so. I sure hope the rain holds off. I am SO excited to help my Moms raise money for the clinic!!