Friday, August 26, 2011

Bloodsuckers and Update

We have had a terrible summer with the flea beasties this year!! Moms has been giving us our Frontline and Advantage, but it doesn't seem to work this year! Poor Shingo and Daisy "the old lady", have both got REALLY bad flea allergies. They've spent the whole summer red and itchy. We've treated the house, shampooed the rugs, and done most everything we can think to do. Is anybody else having problems with these nasty bloodsuckers?! Moms going to try some products from Happy Tails Canine Spa. She's planning on trying their products, Itchin' for Relief, Flea the Scene, and Comfy Dog. Have any of you used their products before? We'll give a full report after we get them and use them.

Now for the hodge podge update:
Moms and Dad took a quick, weekend trip to Destin a week or so ago. Me, Shingo, and Molly had to go to the vacation kennels to stay with our Aunt Mary Jo. We had a great time! We had a whole agility course to play on. Grandma took care of Daisy, Jack, Fergie, and Shiloh. There was a bad incident, while we were gone. One morning, Grandma let Shiloh out to potty. She was right on the side of the street and the yard. A car came flying up the street and hit her on the side of the road!! They didn't even stop!! So, we had to let our sweet, sweet Shiloh cross the Rainbow Bridge. We loved and miss her furry much!! That's part of the reason for our absence these past weeks. Our typist is still furry upset, as we are too!

RIP Sweet Shiloh!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sugar's 10th Birthday Bash!!

It's finally here, efurone!! Today is the day of Sugar's 10th Birthday Bash!! She's having a big pawty over at her bloggie today!

Happy 10th Birthday Sugar!! We hope you has a most fantastic day!! Here are our big smiles, just for you!!





Shingo and our sister, Fergie


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yay! A Pawty!!

We are so furry excited that we are back in time for Sugar's Birthday!! Sugar is holding such a fun event. Efurbody get your good smiles out. For more info and details, visit Sugar's Blog! See you all at the pawty!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Blog Hopping!

Sorry we've been away for so long efurone!! Moms is busy taking her finals right now, so it's really hard to get her to type for us!! We'll be making a come back next week! HAROOOO!!! We are around to do the Saturday Blog Hop this week!!!


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