Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Freebie

A nice lady from Purina contacted us about a new project they have going. It's a new site called Slim Down Your Pet. It's a project that is following 8 other dogs in their dieting adventure. They have also developed a new dietary food to help pets slim down. You can even apply to get in on the program. They were so nice that they gave us a coupon to share with all of our readers. Just click the link above to go to the site and get your free $20.00 off coupon for their new Veterinary Diets® OM Overweight Management®.



  1. As if! The Mango is wasting away already. Thanks for the warning. If I see any bags of those skinny foodables headed my way I will pee on them.


  2. I might just have to check that out! I'm always worried my dogs might get fat. I dont' think they're fat now but I worry about the possibility of them becoming overweight.

  3. Haaa!
    Mango! Mango!
    I am going to tell my mom about that site!
    Kisses and hugs