Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Haroo efurone!! It has been a long time, since we have gotten to visit with our furiends. Just wanted to let those of you know, who didn't already, that our Grandma is at the rainbow bridge with family and furiends now. Also, our brudder Jack crossed the rainbow bridge as well. It hasn't been the happiest of falls around our house, but we are moving on!! Just wanted to wish efurone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your furiends and family. We'll be back with you all soon!! We'd love to exchange Christmas cards with efurone again this year!! Please let us know, if you are interested!! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


  1. Hi guys!!! We knew about your Grandma, butts did not know about your brudder, we are so sorry to hear this :(

    We do hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with Love and Happiness and a wonderful day for you all!!

    Thanksgiving Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell and the Mom too!

  2. We are very sorry to hear about your Grandma and your brother. :( We are thinking of you and hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  3. Oh, no I am so very sorry about your pack's losses. I am sending warm loving vibes from my house to yours. I hope the holiday brings you some joy and peace.
    Grr and a Sorrowful Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  4. Woof! Woof! Our reader is working today and good to see a post from you guys. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE. Happy Thanksgiving Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. So sorry to hear about your grandma and Jack. Our thoughts are with you all.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. We Beaglebratz missed u'all. So furry much sorry tue hear 'boutz your Grandma - then your brudder Jack tue - just so much tue handle tue soon. We will b around - HAPPEE TURKEY DAY!!!!
    Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta

  7. Oh no, I am so sorry to hears about your grandma and Jack. We has been thinkin' so much bouts ya'll and your grandma. I should has been a betters furiend and checked in.
    My hugs to you all and knows we is till thinkin' of ya'll especially while your mom is navigating such a loss.

    We would loves to exchange cards withs ya'll!


  8. PS: Them costumes are a HOOT!


  9. We are so very sorry to hear of the very sad times in your family. We hope there are some happier days ahead.

    Although the holidays may be tough, we do want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Happy Thanksgiving. We missed ya'll

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Hugs GJ xx xx

    Love to exchange cards..

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Don't forget to stop by Pet Blogs United next week for a week of giveaways!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Great photos - especially the pie one!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  14. Us Beaglebratz here agin - by the way. we wood love tue x-change Christmas cardz with u. Our mom wantz tue know if u iz still in Shelbyville. TN - we haf that address. If u need tue, u can email us at
    imabeaglemama(AT)gmail(DOT)com fur our address or any changez fur yourz.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

    1. Here is our mailing address:
      908 Shelbyview Dr.
      Shelbyville, TN 37160