Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review Thursday: Orijen from Mr.Chewy


Mr. Brent, who is so furry nice, from contacted us again and offered to let us try Orijen food for free!! Of course, we all jumped at the offer, and so did Moms! We could pick anything to try, so we picked the Orijen Regional Red All Life Stages.

As always, the shipping was Bunny fast quick! We had our new food in only a day or so! It's so nice to get the foodables delivered right at the front door!! We couldn't wait for Moms to get home, so we could dig in and give it a try! Finally after much begging, Moms opened the bag and let us try some. Let me tell you, it was SUPER DAWG delicious!! It is the first time EVER that we have fought over dry food! We are usually good about sharing, but Moms had to get out all of the extra bowls. Dad commented that it looked and smelled like beef jerky. Needless to say, it took us no time to blow through the sample bag. Now, we just can't wait for Moms to order us some more. We're listening for the knock at the door for the delivery man!

Again, our experience with was PAWSOME!! We'll definitely be ordering from them again! Be sure to drop by their website, if you need any food or treats!! Be sure to tell them we sent you too! They have the coolest furiend referral program. Everytime you order and use our code: FIES9917 at checkout, the proceeds will be split evenly between Best Friends Animal Society, Bidawee, and North Shore Animal League. You'll get a 10% discount on your order too!

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  1. Oh, we got some of that same stuffs coming to our house. We can't wait to try it since you give it such a rave review. We love Brent from Mr. Chewy he ROCKS! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. My Ernie and I are enjoyin that exact same brand and flavor and Stage of Orijen and let me tell you... it is fangtastic. Mom has been doing the Sprinkle a few GOODIES in and Mix it about.. to get us to eat our kibble even Better than we already do... AND guess WHAT?? It is workin.

    You really did a super duper review!! Mr. Chewy ROCKS fur sure!!!
    Pee S... I don't know if you realize it or not butt you have those Double the Trouble Word Varification thingys . You really can't tell when you look at your OWN blog. I just wanted you to know THEY are there.

  3. One of these days, I'm gonna order some of this stuff for my boys.

  4. This is the 2nd time I've read about Mr. Chewy in one week so I know something must be extra special about this company. How do you get to try items for free? Did the company advertise that they needed reviews? All 3 of my pets have tried Orijen and loved it but it became too expensive so we switched to another but I think it's time to switch back!

  5. What an awsome review.
    We never heard of that food until the whole blog land is talking about it. It must be the best in the world.
    Mr Chewy Rocks for sure!

  6. Wow that's Cool! Free products from Mr. Chewy. If we will be having that opportunity as well, we will grab it at once! Hugs! :D

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